Benjamin Franklin Monument

Seated in front of the Silas Bronson Library, it was designed by renowned sculptor Paul Wayland Bartlett, a one-time Waterbury resident. The 1700 pound statue was made possible by a $15,000 donation from Elisha Leavenworth. After completion, it made a 22-city tour, with celebrations in each city, from Baltimore to Boston and then to Waterbury where it was dedicated June 3, 1921. The route closely duplicated Franklin's stops when he ran away from home in 1723.

A replica was made in 1982 by the US State Department to celebrate its 200th anniversary and Franklin as its first diplomat. Other Bartlett works include: Lafayette (Louvre Courtyard), Columbus and Michelangelo (Library of Congress), statues for the NY Public Library, the US Capitol and the NY Stock Exchange. His works are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and many major museums.