Arts Commission

The Arts Commission works to build a creative and cultural community in the City, inspire vibrancy in our neighborhoods, and to celebrate life through art. We support, promote and connect visual, performing, and literary artists, arts organizations and businesses; and administers the City’s 1% for Art ordinance. We take pride in serving and connecting regional artists and the general public to information and opportunities that inspire a creative life. Through innovative programming, public art, artist services, inclusive youth programs, and community events – we aim to inspire a vibrant community in Toledo.

The Board is composed of six members, each of whom hold office for a 4-year term. Board members are elected by City voters in citywide elections for staggered terms; one-half of the membership is elected at each biennial municipal election.

Board Members:
Richard Freedman | Chairman (D)
Mary Lou T. Rinaldi | Vice Chair (D)
Salvatore Gabriele | Member (R)
Dudley Williams | Member (D)
Shelley Michelson | Member
David Kooris | Member

The Board holds regular meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm, unless changed by resolution. Additionally, the Mayor or any two members may call a special meeting to handle urgent business in between regular meetings. Only APPROVED minutes are posted on the City’s website. DRAFT minutes are available for review within 8 business days after the meeting by contacting the secretary of the commission.

WHERE: Meeting Room 202 on the 2nd Floor of the Public Library
WHO: Open to members and local artists
WHAT: Collaborate, organize and plan public events/showings