Citizen Resource Center

The Citizen Resource Center provides Cumberland County residents with a centralized location for complaints, service and information requests. The CRC not only acts as a Help Desk for residents by answering routine questions and providing information on any number of issues, but it also logs in complaints and service requests, forwarding them to the appropriate department for action and resolution.

Call our emergency hotline by dialing 211

Call (856) 453-2125

If you prefer to call us during regular business hours, our number is (856) 453-2125. We look forward to hearing from you.

Download AnyCity App on your Smartphone

Download the free iPhone app or download the Android app.

Submit a Service Request

Request for a service such as a pothole repair, streetlight out, or abandoned vehicle.

Search the Knowledgebase

The Knowledgebase allows citizens to access general information that citizens most commonly request. The entries are generated by the responders who deal with the most common problems and requests in the County. Over time the Knowledgebase expands to help citizens get direct answers based on real service request data.