You must come to Police Headquarters to get fingerprinted. Our fingerprinting hours are every Wednesday from 12pm until 7pm. We fingerprint for residents only for federal purposes (FBI Background Check), Out-of-State Background Checks, and Volunteer Firefighter/Rescue Squad Members. All other fingerprinting is done by Sagem Morpho. To schedule an appointment log on to: www.bioapplicant.com/nj or call 877-503-5981.

We do NOT fingerprint for the following state agencies: Dept. of Human Services, Division of Banking and Insurance, Division of Consumer Affairs, NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, Administrative Office of the Court, NJ State Police Firearms Unit, Dept. of Education, Division of Health and Senior Services, Division of Gaming Enforcement, NJ/NY Waterfront Commission, NJ State Police Private Detective Unit, NJ State Police Solid Hazardous.

It’s easy! Go to our Forms page, fill out the form and either bring it to our Communications Center at HQ or if you cannot make it here fax the form to (908) 722-8246, ATTN: Communications.

A leash law is in effect for all public spaces. We also require the use of pet waste bags to clean up after your pet. If pet waste bags are not provided on site, the pet owner is responsible to provide his/her own supply. If your dog's license is lost or expired, you may obtain a new one here.

Reapportionment is the permanent process by which the City’s 15 Aldermanic seats will be redistributed among the 5 newly-created three-member Aldermen Districts. Redistricting is the process of adjusting district every ten years following the census, so that each district will encompass one-fifth of the City’s population.

As a voter within a particular district, you will choose from among candidates who reside in your own district and who seek your vote to serve as your area’s representative on the City’s Board of Aldermen.

The City’s voters authorized the City of Waterbury to do so when they amended the City’s Charter in the November 2014 general election. Waterbury currently elects its Aldermen “at large,” which means that every voter in Waterbury casts a ballot to elect all 15 Aldermen regardless of where they live within the City. At the voters’ direction, the City must now change over to a “by-district” election method. Under this new method, the City will establish five districts, with three Aldermen being elected from each district within Waterbury. A voter will be allowed to vote for aldermen within the voter’s district.