Submit Your Event

Acceptable submissions are limited to non-profit events. Businesses hosting such events may submit them for approval, but no purely commercial events will be accepted.

Organizations wishing to list their events on the City's website should answer the following:

If printed on a flyer or posted online, what would you call/name the event?
How would you categorize the event?
Please describe to us what you would like to accomplish or give-back to the community by hosting this event.
Please note that Public events in public spaces are limited to a max of 2 hours, unless otherwise requested. To request more time, please see the City Clerk with a check payable to the City.
List the property owner and the full mailing address (example: Jane Doe, 000 Main Street, AnyCity, CT, 06702)
If your event is approved, the attached image will be used on the calendar and on social media for the event.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf.
Provide the full name, email and phone number of the primary contact. (example: Jane Doe, [email protected], 203.555.5555)