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Pay Your Taxes Online | April 18, 2017 is the due date to file your December 31, 2016 Occupational License Tax Return electronically.

You can electronically file a return now and pay at a later date. Unless you are required to make quarterly or monthly deposits, payments can be made up to the due date of the return without incurring penalty and/or interest. If payment is not made until after the due date of the return, there will be additional penalty and/or interest charges. This electronic Government service that you are viewing includes a non-refundable Portal Administration Fee of 3.00 % of the total transaction amount. If you pay by ACH/eCheck, the Portal Administration Fee will be discounted to $2.00. You will have the opportunity to review all applicable fees prior to finalizing your transaction. At that point, you will have the option to cancel your online transaction.

The agency assesses a $50.00 return check fee which will be billed to the taxpayer if incurred. You will receive acknowledgement of the filing of the return via e-mail. This acknowledgement indicates that the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission has received the e-file return. It does not indicate that the return has been completely processed. All returns filed with this agency are reviewed for accuracy and are subject to audit. If any additional tax amounts, penalty, and/or interest are assessed, you will receive notification of these additional amounts.

If you have applied for but have not received your Federal Identification Number, you will have to complete a paper form at this time. Download OL Forms
Your Metro Revenue Commission six digit account number. You may contact the Metro Revenue Commission at (502)574-4860 to obtain your account number